Volkswagen - Alien

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the SWISS team on this Volkswagen commercial. My primary focus was on the body design of the alien, while the talented artist Leo Wilk took charge of the head design. Subsequently, I translated the approved alien design into a 3D model.

Volkswagen - Commercial

VFX Supervisors: Leo Wilk, Jan Karlström
Executive Producer: Emma Rosas Hott
VFX Producer: Harald Stigare
Concept Artists: Leo Wilk, Ken Barthelmey
VFX Artists: Simon Ekeberg, Jon Wesström, Andreas Leijon, Mikael Engzell, Markus Bergqvist, Lars Wahlman, Max Wikdahl, Jonas Törnqvist, Anneli Larsson, Christopher Brändström
Rigging: Christophe Petit
Animators: Andy Reid, Laura Trespioli, Céline Chotard

Work In Progress

Early Alien Version.

ZBrush Model

Base model I sculpted in ZBrush.

Volkswagen Alien

Final Alien Design I rendered in Keyshot.


Still from the Volkswagen commercial.


Still from the Volkswagen commercial.