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French Comedian Plagiarized My Work

Category: | Created: 2014-07-04 15:13:42

The plagiarism on the left, the original on the right.


A french comedian is using my work for his new show without my knowledge or any permission.

A few months ago, when the poster appeared for the first time, my mail account was filled with messages of people who recognized my work. Always the same question: Did you do this poster or did you give him your permission to use it for his show...

Thereupon, I sent him (his team) several messages to advise them that they are using copy-protected material. Furthermore, I gave them a deadline to remove my illustration and to give me an obligatory and very complaisant compensation. Once this period has expired and nothing has happened, I saw myself forced to get in touch with my advocate Thierry Reisch.

A few days ago, everything got public now thanks to @joelapompe, what I think is good because I got various allegations lately because of this incident...

That’s the reason why it’s important to me to put straight that I have nothing to do with this person. He uses my work without any permission. I distance myself from any form of discrimination.

I make my living by creating illustrations like these. Everybody got his own opinion about certain things but I don’t want my illustration to be used for such a show and that’s the reason I can’t just ignore this.

Thanks to all the people who informed me about this.