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Volkswagen Commercial - Alien

Category: | Created: 2016-12-21 15:44:39


I had the pleasure to collaborate with the great team at SWISS on this Volkswagen commercial spot. I helped to design the Alien and worked on the 3d base model. A big Thank to Pablo Fernandez, Leo Wilk and Jan Karlström for bringing me on board.




VFX Supervisors: Leo Wilk, Jan Karlström

Executive Producer: Emma Rosas Hott

VFX Producer: Harald Stigare


Concept Artists:

Leo Wilk

Ken Barthelmey


VFX Artists:

Simon Ekeberg

Jon Wesström

Andreas Leijon

Mikael Engzell

Markus Bergqvist

Lars Wahlman

Max Wikdahl

Jonas Törnqvist

Anneli Larsson

Christopher Brändström

Rigging: Christophe Petit



Andy Reid

Laura Trespioli

Céline Chotard



Director: Nick Gordon

Production Company: Somesuch

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB